First of all, avoid just adding people randomly and pitching to them. This not too subtle approach will definitely yield zero results. And it's against website policies. You can join various groups and contribute with insight, however. That's where you make useful connections with whom you can discuss possible work later on. I can't say I found jobs ...


I moved to LA a little over a year ago and used linkedin to have my friends introduce me to folks they know in LA. It really helped me find friends and connections. Many did lead to work as well. I think the trick is to make your goal just getting to know folks and to learn from them, share knowledge with them, and garner advice. You can't roll up on a ...


[youtube]NcfXij6t4LA[/youtube] :)


I am a chatty Karol.....I am a dialogue mixer, ADR mixer, Dialogue editor....me loves the chatter. I live in LA.


Sound editor/designer in Hollywood California. Started cutting on film using a Moviola when as a sound editor you had to know how to do it all. Dialogue editing, sound FX, Foley, ADR, backgrounds etc. It gave you the broad view and an understanding of how everything worked together. A great way to learn. Worked non-union at first the way you did back ...

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