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A really good way of waterproofing XLR connectors outdoor are these casings made by Stanley for outdoor power socket connectors: They fit XLR connectors well, and have used ...


Two decent options are 1) using waterproof Neutrik connectors (pricey and requires custom cable making) and 2) use of silicone tape. Called 100mph tape in the military, it adheres only to itself. You make a single, narrow, very tight wrap around the mating point of the cables, and a wider secondary wrap over that. Stuff's neither cheap nor re-usable but is ...


-10C! Dude in a Canadian winter, we consider that a "nice" day! LOL. Seriously... I've shot films out here in -40C! But to answer your question... The most common thing used on set is, as Fred said, gaffer tape. Bit of a b@#$! to take off, but does the job. Mind you, that's usually production sound, so a whole FOH rig could be more difficult. Another idea ...


I think you could wrap gaffa tape round the connection, enough of it will waterproof anything. But it'd be a bitch to replace quickly, nasty to clean afterwards etc. I know lighting would use a plastic food box, cut hole in side, and make the connection there, pop a lid on and done. Might work if you break out your cables all in one place.


Usually when its raining i roll an insane amount of cellophane around the conection,wich works pretty well, but thats for rain, never had to do it in the snow... The only gripe i have with it its that its not reusable and its a pretty nasty kind of pollution... so i'm curious to read about other solutions as well!


I found some ski recordings, including jumps and stuff. It also comes along with ice and snow textures

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