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Hardware samplers used in sound design?

The most unique thing about those Akai samplers is Akai's time stretching algorithm. After that, there may be some subtle unique coloring due to the choice of DACs. The classic Akai sound comes from ...
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Add pedal to each measure of piano midi

Assuming that by "measure" you mean 'bar', surely you could manually create one pedal CC command and then copy/paste it to all the other bars. You could certainly do this in a list editor (...
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Hardware samplers used in sound design?

Eventhough I ♥♥♥ DAW-based sounddesign, I'm using an electribe sampler for inspirational purposes/sketching-phase of sounds. Having that said, I only use it because it's really easy/fast to sample ...
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can you help me identify the vintage synths used in this opening of the pilot episode of Dino Riders

The sound reminds me of Roland synths. I have a vague memory of a friend with an old Juno that had a patch like this. I can sort of mimic it with my DX7. The key is that there should be some high pass ...
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