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I did a lot of night shooting in Downtown Los Angeles for a photo project a while back. I was concerned someone might jump me for my camera gear, so I brought someone along to watch my back as I shot. If you are concerned about your safety, bring a friend along.


Bring a small portable recorder with you, like a tascam DR07, and pretend it's a taser if someone starts giving you shit!


Interesting question, where do you live? I live in Amsterdam, which is not considered a very violent city. Getting mugged here is not a normal thing to happen in most neirbourhoods. I have recorded here, in china, tunesia, greece and several other european countries without any fear. Getting mugged is not a thing i'm worried about, simply because i tend to ...


I think my answer will have to be "use common sense". It's a skill acquired where you know what will happen if you do "so and so". Meaning: You can sort of predict that your microphone will get soaked if you drop it in water. I personally never let my mikes get exposed to extreme wind even if the manufacturer says they can be. I also make sure I turn off ...

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