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How can I make a voice in the background come to the foreground and remove foreground noise?

Short, honest answer: nope, forget it. In principle it's possible nowadays to separate any part of a signal, using software like iZotope RX or the (rather dated, by now) Algorithmix Renovator. These ...
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1 vote

Blue Yeti normal background noise

I suspect that the 1kHz tone might be a DC-DC converter and/or insufficiently filtered noise from the +5V USB rail. The specs talk about "14mm condenser capsules". The price tag would suggest ...
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1 vote

how to remove Cloth Rustling?

If you record dialog in the field, the audio you record should be clean, and flawless, and the dialog crisp and intelligible, under all possible conditions, including the vacuum of space. No, it isn't ...
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