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Which one did you end up getting? I ended up picking up the NTG3 and NTG5 because I couldn't afford the MKH 416. What I realized is that unless you have the perfect recording environment and the ideal listening environment (high quality headphones, etc), it is hard to tell the difference even between the NTG2 ($269 shotgun mic) and the NTG3 ($699 shotgun ...


The apollo with a neumann 102 would be my choice setup - based on what you have said... the UA system is great for writers like yourself.....I would probably try to buy both on the used market and use leftover cash for a few UA plugins.


I'm adding an answer really because there's too much for a comment, but I'm not really hearing what you'd call a 'whistle in a cave'. The sound is very peaky/ringy & appears to have some rather spring-like reverb on it, which could hint at 'cave'. I threw it at a spectrum analyzer (something I don't normally use) to see if there was anything that leapt ...

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