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Can I set a timer to auto record with an 744T?

The 744T user guide mentions : The 744T is equipped with a record start and stop timer. This allows a user to record a take at a specific time from an unattended recorder. Set the start time in the ...
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How can I record audio from an MP3 player into my Mac?

Surely the portable recorder has a micro SD card? I would remove the Micro SD card and then use an SD card adapter and reader to transfer the files. If this is not the case or you cannot remove the ...
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How to clean the needle of a technics 1200 mk2

Do never touch your needle with your finger! Usually there is a small carbon needle brush provided with each new cartridge. I got one with each of my Ortofon cartridges and with the Shure I bought ...
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How to clean the needle of a technics 1200 mk2

I don't know if this is approved of, but I have a little brush that I use. It's about 3 inches long with the handle and I can't remember where I got it, but it's not too rough and works perfectly. ...
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Can I record audio with a jack mic?

You need two things to make this work: 1) You need a MICROPHONE INPUT connector on your computer. This is typically color pink exactly like the plug in your photo. 2) You need to tell the operating ...
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