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Quite an interesting project indeed. The paper towel roll and cups are are working as an acoustic megaphone, also called (in ancient times) speaking trumpet. Directional focus of the radiating sound waves is part of the way the megaphone works, but that's not all, as, as you have noticed, there is also amplification in other directions, not just the front ...


Without going heavily into detail, 3 possible ways to approach it… try setting up a default project with the things you use the most, from scratch. go back through your previous projects, save track presets, then import those to your default. open an old project with a lot of re-usable data, trash all the instrumentation & mixes & save that [as a ...


Pitch content that roughly matches the resonance tendencies of the shape will also get a boost relative to the other frequency content. The resonance frequencies of the tube are probably very limited, hence the sound will continue to be unbalanced in terms of EQ. The flare of the old phonographs have a wider range of resonant frequencies. The vibrations of ...


In Cubase, you can save the channel strip settings by selecting a channel, then look for the drop down menu at the upper right of the Mix Console. Then 'Save/Load Selected Channels'. Just make sure you have a channel selected or it won't show. Edit: Doing this will save the entire channel strip, rather than going with the track preset option.

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