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Why is this waveform popping? Is it because of my speakers?

Should this "pop"? YES... That IS a "pop" If I saw that, yes, I'd expect to hear a "pop" of some kind on that channel, because there's a "sharp" amplitude ...
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Is there a software tool or web service to detect problems in speech recordings?

Clipping and discontinuities can be detected by using the Izotope RX De-clicker and selecting "output clicks only". The resulting timeline will indicate where in the original material the ...
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I want to feel the "B" or "P" in my explosion sounds

What you are trying to achieve here is not a realistic sound. The problem is psychoacoustics and scale. When you hear smaller explosions (balloons, fireworks, etc) you are fairly close to the sound ...
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Stand and Pop Filter for Samson Go Mic

It has a standard Euro thread, so it will go on any mic stand. One of the best pop shields is a simple diffuser you can make at home. You can buy these ready-made & quite neat-looking, with a ...
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How to Create a "heavenly wobble" in FLStudio?

May be because of the notes, you might hear it's wobble. But actually it's more like gliding sub-bass. You can start with "3x Osc" default sound. 1 - To get a gliding sound, you need to turn on ...
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