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DAW on Win VM - what to expect?

I use an iLok (original and now version 3) passed through from Ubuntu 20.04 host to a win10 guest using KVM. I pass the ilok device itself (not the usb controller, although that is generally ...
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New to sound design, how do I recreate Shining - Black Jazz drum tone using plugins?

I think you'd get a lot of joy out of Addictive Drums 2, particularly the Metal and Black Velvet (for the bigger snares that even have a "gatey" reverb) kits. They (and this is true for all ...
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Open-source alternatives for plug-ins.

Your question does not specify if you want to distribute your work as open source or closed source. The VST3 SDK allows distributing your plugin as opensource as long as you comply with the usage ...
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