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Extreme distortion/clipping plugin

Ohmicide from Ohm Force is specifically made to provide over-the-top distortion effects. Available as 32/64-bit Audio Unit, VST, and RTAS.
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How to duplicate a VST on Mac?

Ok, the trick was to find the ID in reverse, as explained here: So if you want to duplicate your AU/VST (I only tested VST, but ...
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I'm looking for a database of open source audio plug-ins that will work with several DAWs, particularly Logic.

I haven't tried their VSTs so can't guarantee they work in Logic but in theory they should work in any VST host (any DAW that supports VST)
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Plug-in power microphone to PC

Electret condenser microphones will deliver output even without plugin power. Really, really bad, low-gain high-noise output. So you better make sure that the plugin power is actually switched on. ...
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Audio Glitch Plugin have a bunch of glitch plug-ins available. you could also look at Izotope Vinyl which was recently re-released as a free plug-in for some vintage clicks, pops and warmth.
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