If you're running balanced line to the amp you can put it where you want. If not, you need it near the mixer. There's really no other consideration unless it's noisily fan-driven or you need a specific place it can get good airflow.


I'll echo what Tetsujin said with a bit more detail. At the end of the day, 40 ft, by 100ft is not a big space, when it comes to PA systems. The big thing you are looking for with any run in this length is simply to avoid picking up noise. Sending a low power signal through any length of wire, unbalanced, will result in significant noise being picked up, ...


In this kind of situations it used to be common to run what was called a 100V system. The idea was to send a high voltage / low amperes on the wire and then have a transformer in the speaker to change it to the low voltage (well comparibly) / high amperages going into the speaker elements. The amp could then be hundreds of meters away from the speakers. You ...

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