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Recording with an old laptop: how do DAWs use memory vs cores?

That should work, as long as you ensure that the PC is not running all sorts of irrelevant software and processes, and you make sure there is enough virtual memory allocated (about 3 Gb - it is ...
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Is acoustic feedback / echo generation possible without electronics? Low tech, Smaller than a room :D

For the purpose you intend, no, there isn't any such thing. You can obviously get echoes from walls in a room, but at the size you mention, it would be reverb, and you definitely would not be able to ...
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How to plug TS 6.5 mic to laptop

The "weird cable" looks like an FM radio antenna, which corresponds with the hand-written note on the microphone box. The spade terminals will fit onto screws on the tuner/receiver it was ...
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Recording with an old laptop: how do DAWs use memory vs cores?

If you can use your old laptop as a recording device or if you can use it as a DAW with current up to date software are really two different questions. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to use it as a ...
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