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You need two components - metal clangs for gear hitting gear and grinding sound for the shaft rotating. Record lots of metal clangs - you need many variations and often finding the sound that matches perfectly takes some time. Experiment with samplerate of existing sounds. Grinding sound should match to material shaft is connected to, but if it's unknown ...


Sauli's way sounds spot on! I've never done a gear sound effect before myself but if you had to record it yourself, maybe space some bricks out and use a shovel and drag it along so it hits each brick in succession. Random idea I just thought of and may or may not work at all.


No, unless you plan on programming DAW software, Computer Science is of almost no benefit at all. They are not even remotely similar fields. I say this as someone who studied Computer Science and Electronic Media, Arts and Communications as a dual major in college. One major was all my math and science courses, the other was all my humanities and social ...


I would add, for grinding to a halt: the shaft component of the sound might screech, groan, shudder, go down in pitch, or otherwise respond to the changing force, while the clanks of the teeth will slow down and stop. Are the gears visible on stage? This is something you'll want to set aside tech time to practice the sync if so. Good luck, sounds like ...


Not Leaving Headroom Unless you are pushing to analog tape, you don't need to pin the meters just below the redline. Processing through plug ins will add amplitude, so you need to leave room. The best practice of pushing levels is antiquated in this world of virtual instruments and very quiet mixers.


Find a book by Bob Katz called, "Mastering Audio". "Master Handbook of Acoustics" is another great resource though longer. You get through both of those and you'll have a head full of science. Go to the download via novafile, do the 'slow' free download - they almost hide the ...


I think I got rid of that issue. I just uninstalled and reinstalled PT again on my laptop. Its working all right now. Thank you.

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