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Does reducing volume reduce bit depth?

IF you are doing this manipulation internally to the DAW (operating at 64-bit) then you will experience NO LOSS AT ALL. However, if you export the file after gain reduction as a 24-bit file, then you ...
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DIY Active Noise Cancellation?

It's impossible to achieve. Your initial cancellation is at phase-accuracy. Two files playing through one output, each inversely-phased to the other. As soon as you try to do that in the physical ...
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Does reducing volume reduce bit depth?

Most DAWs of todays do the processing in higher bit-depth accuracy. Although you should consult each DAW's manual or technical support for this, I believe it is reasonable to consider that the ...
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Does reducing volume reduce bit depth?

Taking 20 dB off a 24-bit audio file leaves you with close to 21-bit resolution (1 bit per 6 dB x 3), which still has a whopping 124 dB dynamic range. Are 21 bits per sample enough? Consider that most ...
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How Can I Make Haunted House Ambient Music?

You can create the wind with a noise that you filter with a high pass filter and then with a low pass filter with resonance while you change the low pass frequency constantly. You can create the ...
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Automated process to seamlessly loop music

I know this question is a few years old now, but it looks to be a duplicate of a question posted on SuperUser. I answered there after finding something that worked for me, so I'll answer here too. ...
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