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Is it always necessary to dub violins on movie sets?

After a 3 year hiatus I return with an answer that I hope doesn't get torn to shreds by newer members here: I'm going to start out with a more general answer: NOTHING done as a corrective measure (...
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Can I take "historical" sounds from non-fictional movies for my project?

If it's public domain then yes it would be ok, but I wouldn't trust copyright information people add as Youtube descriptions. There are some public domain video archives that might have the kind of ...
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How do you create those Harry potter wand sounds?

There's no set way of making these sounds, the first one sounds like lighting/electricity mixed with some sort of computer generated sound from a synth. Second one is something being pitched down ...
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Are actors' voices in the 2.0 sound positioned in correspondence with where we can see them in the video?

This is not a field I work in, though I am a [retired] sound engineer & currently work in the TV/film industry, so it's one where I watch & listen to the results of other people's work a lot, ...
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How do you create those Harry potter wand sounds?

From what I remember from the movies, I think the sounds are more composed of electric-arc(ish) type sounds and whatever sound helps to distinguish the wands or wizards from each other; some wands are ...
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Can I take "historical" sounds from non-fictional movies for my project?

This is a "sound design" forum. You are asking a LEGAL question. Copyright law is a specialized field and it seems quite possible that there is no appropriate StackExchange forum for this question. ...
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Is there a similar site to this for moviemaking, film design, visual effects, etc?

This actually existed for a couple years when this question was asked: https://video.stackexchange.com/ Enjoy!
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