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Yes, you can use a stereo extension cable. When you use a stereo cable with a mono microphone, the second channel will be unused. No adapter needed.


The above cable is exactly what you need plus... 2 lots of.......1male into 2xfemale rca connector Then 2 cables of 3.5mm headphone to male rca’s This set up in photo is.. 2 x Bose soundDocks (both have 2 speakers..IE:stereo) This cable system ($30) bought from electronics store..Jaycar in Australia. Is easy to get done. Both sets of speakers are now ...


Will this be a problem in panning the instruments? No. A cable with XLR and a 1/4" TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) connector is NOT a stereo cable, it's a balanced cable. Either your 1/4" input is balanced and you get better signal to noise ratio and great hum rejection. Or your 1/4" input is unbalanced and it will simply short out the out of phase component of the ...


This is called crosstalk: the signal on the left channel leaks into the right channel. When you have 2 audio circuits (left and right) close together without being shielded, the electromagnetic fields produced by the circuits influence each other. This can happen anywhere in the analog signal path: in the sound card of your computer, or in the headphones ...

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