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FM and PM synthesis - what is the difference and why?

frequency modulation (FM) is the manipulation of the Hz of a sound or "Operator". Operators generate sound waves at a certain speed (Hz) which dictates the pitch of that specific sound, for example, ...
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What is the "level" of Frequency Modulation of many synthesizers?

FM8 mirrors the DX7 implementation which uses a 0-99 value to represent modulation index of 0 to 14. So, an output level of '85' corresponds to an index of 4.
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80s VHS tracking effect

A couple beautiful plugins for achieving this effect that are fun to even use in tandem for a richer warble: https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/effect/rc-20_retro_color http://www.psychicmodulation....
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I want to get started with modulation recorded audio

TL:DR You will not be able to do this in any meaningful way on a phone. I'm not sure what you mean by 'modulation recorded audio' [unless you're referring to PCM, pulse-code modulation] but you can ...
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VCV Rack - what is the maximum frequency deviation for FM?

The code for this VCO plugin can be found here. I think there might be multiple things that interfere with an "ideal" VCO, but here my observations: The pitch is directly computed as frequency_knob + ...
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Is it possible to make this kind of voice-modulation setup?

Anything is possible - just depends on how much you want to throw at the problem. The people involved need one or all of the following: Time Expertise in electronics and digital processing software ...
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FM and PM synthesis - what is the difference and why?

They are the same in terms of output. The difference in terminology likely comes from the fact that digital oscillators are implemented by incrementing a variable representing phase into a lookup ...
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Assign modulator LFO to parameter in Logic pro x

In the channel effects for your sound, you can apply Logic's AutoFilter plugin, which will allow you to cut off a frequency according to various wave shapes, timings, distortions, amounts, and all of ...
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A filter such that only frequencies present in both signal A and B pass through

Exactly, that's how vocoder and convolution reverbs work. What you are after is multiplication in the frequency domain, which is equivalent to convolution in time domain, and that's also how it is ...
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