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Festival requests DCP with mix level changes

This is a very old thread, but I just saw it. I am the technical manager of London Short Film Festival, and the author of the "how to make a DCP" guide the OP referred to. First off, I'm really ...
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Convert speaker stereo mix to headphone

You could have a look into processing the recordings with the help of a binaural panning tool such as the one included in Logic. You would import the two channels of your audio files as two seperate ...
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Temporary increase in signal/sound level/volume?

This is partly a mic-technique issue for the person talking and singing - they need to be a lot closer to the microphone than they currently are. Vocal microphones such as SM58 are designed for hand-...
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In regards to live sound, what is "Mix Coherency"?

Here I am slightly older and slightly "smaarter". I attended a system tuning training by Rational Acoustics and was able to get an answer to my question! Mix coherency refers to the ratio of change ...
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Convert speaker stereo mix to headphone

Using any of a large number of audio processing applications, such as Reaper, Logic, Garage Band, Cubase, Pro Tools, Live, etc., you can import the audio as either a stereo track or two separate mono ...
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Mix sounds terrible in PC, while it actually sounded good with headphones in other devices

There’s an entire science to mixing a master. The low and high frequencies need to be separated so that the wave spectrum doesn’t inter-lap and cause competition or distortion. The solution in the 90’...
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