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I’m using a ur22 mkii interface. I’m having the same problem. I get know sound coming out of my monitors. Using my motif xf as my keyboard. Everything is setup correctly. The only way for me to hear sound is when I connect to my left and right output from motif to the mic/line on interface. But I have to disconnect the right because the sound is distorted. I ...


I owned one of these and worked on MIDI files. As I recall, the E-16 transmits whatever you are playing on your keyboard to MIDI Channel 4. When you use the built-in accompaniment, the accompaniment will all be transmitted. So if you want your receiving device to only receive what you are playing on the keyboard, put your receiving device to listen to ...


Putting this here for my own use. Sometimes when the instrument doesn't want to be replaced, right click context menu > replace > (none). Then drag an instrument over it like you normally would.


I use LMMS, it edits midis, supports .SF2s and has some nice plugins.

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