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How to use digital mics such as Neumann KM 184 D to avoid going through an A to D converter and input directly to the daw

The KM 184 D seems to output AES3 signal. . So any digital interface with AES 3 inputs should be able to deal with them.
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3.5mm Dynamic Microphone Output into Mixer/Interface

Going by the specs, I'd say that mixer can be used for the F-96. You'll want to use a 3.5mm female to XLR adapter: that mixer does have 6.3mm input jacks, but you lose 15 dB of gain when you use those....
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Vocal recording sounds like two voices. Can it be removed?

Sounds like Comb Filtering due to reverb. This isn’t something that’s easy to fix, and even if you do it probably won’t sound as good as a clean recording. Absorption and diffusion will help. Make ...
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