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The Scarlett has a pre amp built into it. Most likely the issue is the distance you have the microphone from your mouth. An SM57 is not ideal for podcast recording because you will need the microphone inches from your mouth, as well as dealing with proximity effect. You would benefit more from a condenser microphone than an external preamp.


What you want to buy is an external sound card that is plugges in via usb. most windows laptops come with a really bad built in sound card thats why even the best microphones sound bad. Look for "audio interface" "dac" and "usb soundcard"


I suggest you look into searching for a "XLR to Plug-in-Power" adapter. There are a few on the market, one example is the Rode VXLR+ but several different companies have them. In that adapter there is some (actually quite simple) electronics translating from 48V to the around 5V the mic experts. Both electret and dynamic headset mics can handle ...


It might be faulty. However I have the same microphone which I use with a Behringer UM2 interface. The mic is considerably less sensitive than an electret/condenser mic (which has a built-in pre-amp) so I need to turn the input sensitivity up to maximum on the UM2, after which the signal is fine. If you have the XLR version of your Sennheiser mic then the ...

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