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I work on dubbing a lot of shows and, from my perspective, non-language vocalisations are more than welcome in the M+E. However, like everything in life, it depends on specifics. Here's a list of things that come to mind: Specific non-voiced mouth sounds like kisses are often done by foley artists anyway, so there's no reason to omit them from the M+E. If ...


I will have multiple reverbs with the same setting routed accordingly if I need a room for more than 1 group. Otherwise it stops you from printing your mix and all the associated splits and deliverables in one pass.


Thats a pretty common delivery for any film short or feature length that is being distributed. Hopefully you agreed upon some sort of delivery requirement in your contract with your client. Completely doing an M & E after the fact can be a lot of work. Was it expressed beforehand that they need this as a delivery requirement? If they do need an M&...


In my experience, and that of anyone i've spoken to about it, walla should always be included in the M+E. In fact, sound effects editors are often responsible for cutting it in, and take great care to remove or blur any kind of distinguishable words using various techniques. If you think about it practically, an M+E should contain everything except language....

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