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Remapping a MIDI keyboard controller

You basically need a software with numerical processing of MIDI input. It's like the next thing to writing a driver, but some software offers very direct manipulation of MIDI input: MIDIOX, Pd, Logic,...
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Live Keyboard MIDI Setup Ableton Live 9 [Max for live]

To "mute" a track when there's audio coming out of some other track, you can use sidechain compression. Here's how to do it: Insert a Compressor on the "LIVE KEYS BACKUP" track Select the "LIVE KEYS" ...
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how to process arbitrary messages as data in Max/MSP?

[sprintf set set %s %s %s] might also get you what you want. Hens Zimmerman ----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 521.3ocyUE1ajBBD8y5uBBI22rMBJ558W4RSCtxsklUz.Xusoo+2OYPy51yz psm2dIJ5LN.u2iYFeIL....
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