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Mysterious old MIDI piano won't talk to GarageBand

It was the OTraki adaptor, or the combination of that and the keyboard. Replacing with 5 pin MIDI cables into my audio interface fixed it.
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Toslink output only works when the cable is not fully plugged in

My guess would be that the sender/receiver LED is likely misaligned with the socket, or the plug is bent so that you need to back up the fibre in order to get any coverage (stray as it is) at all. ...
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Stream audio from Windows to macOS with low latency

@ OP Isn't this what you need? vban receptor app
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Stream audio from Windows to macOS with low latency

You need to use Dante Via by Audinate.
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External Synths over USB on MacOS: Notes not playing & hanging notes

I believe I found the culprit! I have the application "Duet Display" for MacOS that makes my iPad act as an external display. I just had to quit the application and MIDI started working again. I don'...
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Best setting for digitizing vinyl

After doing a lot of research I came up with a way of digitizing my records, which I am quite happy with. I posted my recommendations already at Discogs, but would like to share my experience here too....
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