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H4N as USB mic makes voice high pitched

I had this exact issue for ages on MacOS, audio was high-pitched & had intermittent silence. The fix was to make sure that the Audio Rate setting on the H4N was set the same as the driver's ...
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How is Soundflower an Output Audio Device?

Soundflower is used to Route audio from one application to another. Soundflower itself can't capture audio, only route signals. For routing you need at least 1 input and 1 output. So say you want to ...
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What is the difference between DAC, Sound Card and AMP?

Strictly speaking a "DAC" is a "Digital to Analogue Converter" which is a specific and critical component of the audio processing chain that connects a digital audio processing system with your ...
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What is the difference between DAC, Sound Card and AMP?

I am looking for a hardware to plug-in the headphones. Please explain WHY you can't just plug them into the existing headphone jack on your device (Macbook?) What is the difference between ... DAC A ...
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Behringer Xenyx 1002 output to Samsung DVD player AUX

From the description, I'd say that the mixer qx1002 model which I also own You can connect the macbook via usb and send the signal to mains by pressing th button labled USB/2tr to Main Mix, ...
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Why does my sound created in Alchemy play endlessly?

Click the master volume Knob and it will bring up the corresponding modulation routing make sure the ADSR is routing to the Volume.
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