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Is it legitimate to use a low pass filter on short segments of audio around stitch between two amplitude signals to remove noise?

The answer is to be found in understanding what a crossfade is. A crossfade can be either "Constant Level" or "Constant Power". One is linear, one is logarithmic in shape. You need to build a table ...
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Merging of 2 regions creates a fade-in at the beginning in Logic Pro

I don't know how to resolve the issue when merging the regions but you could try to Bounce In Place instead. Very quick and easy to do and it shouldn't cause a fade in like that.
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Automated process to seamlessly loop music

I know this question is a few years old now, but it looks to be a duplicate of a question posted on SuperUser. I answered there after finding something that worked for me, so I'll answer here too. ...
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