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Logic Pro X / Mastering / Volume / Soundcloud

"I mix everything as loud as possible". There is your problem. Right there. Mixing music is not about making it "loud". If you think it is, you are focussing on the wrong thing entirely. There are ...
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Logic Pro X workflow options for multi-track live recordings

I do this all the time. Position the playhead at a convenient/natural point between songs, select all the regions, and "Split Region(s)". At this point you will have a "song" and "the rest of the ...
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Logic Pro X workflow options for multi-track live recordings

If it is all one band doing one contiguous concert, I wouldn’t want to break that up into 16 projects, because you will likely want to treat each channel in basically the same way. It likely really is ...
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How to make track automation in Logic Pro X be independent from the mixer so automation is applied relative to the mixer faders?

One solution would be to have the output of the track go to a bus, instead of output 1-2. Then you could either used the fader on the bus, instead of the track, or you could put the automation on the ...
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How do i take the arpeggiated midi and get the notes/rhythms being played in logic pro?

If you're talking about the MIDI FX plug-in, then here is a simple tutorial that describes the process: Just drag the MIDI ...
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How to make a Wet/Dry or A/B mix control using Logic X (10.2.2) bus and mixer?

Ok, figured this out on my own: Quick and dirty: Assign the two faders you want to crossfade to the same control, then set the multiply in the advanced assignment settings (Command+L) to -1.01 and 1....
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Free plugins for making drones and textures?

Paulstretch is great for creating long, evolving textures and drones out of anything. Guitar riffs work incredibly well if you want a place to start. Logic also has a convolution plugin called Space ...
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How can I remove buzz/static from a recording in Logic Pro X

You can try using Logic's Match EQ plugin to isolate / reduce the buzz frequencies if there's a section of the audio that's only buzz... have the EQ "learn" the frequencies in that section, then use a ...
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