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Source localization on a laptop

How do I input two mics simultaneously on a Laptop? To be able to input two mics simultaneously on a laptop, you need a two channels audio interface with two mic inputs. Using one interface for both ...
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Correct film crediting

Sound Mixer or Sound Recordist
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Recording location dialogue

Supercardioids are most commonly used for interior dialog recording, due to their excellent side rejection, and pretty decent rear rejection characteristics. Cardioids and hypercardioids, with their ...
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Where are Audacity effects chain files saved to on MacOS?

On Mac, user configurations would always be saved to that account's own Library ~/Library, then in either /Application Support/, or sometimes for shared audio plugins etc, in /Audio/. Specifically ...
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Sony PCM-M10 for ambient recording while WALKING

Don't mount an M10 to your head. You're going to get all kinds of sound transmission / handling noise (i.e. unusable audio). Put it in a shock-mount system akin to a this rycote system and use the ...
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Sony PCM-M10 for ambient recording while WALKING

What I've done in the past is have a couple of cheap (£20) tie-clip mics in a rucksack. If you use a bag with a top flap rather than a zip-up bag, you can clip each mic to either side of the flap, or ...
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Beginner Recorder with onboard mics for on location/foley recording

I really like using my RODE microphones and I think they are great microphones to start out with. What microphone are you thinking of buying? If you are field recording and doing some foley work; I ...

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