Thinking about my personal process, I normally alter my process based around what I'm mixing. For your typical rock mix, the drums form the foundation around which everything else is built, so I generally at least get them close, but then vocals and guitar are what people focus a lot of listening on, so I normally move to them pretty quickly once I have a ...


I suggest maybe you take a step back for a moment from the detailed list of equipment related things, and just think about what all that equipment is trying to achieve. It may seem counter-intuitive, yet I think it is still true today (as in the past) that it is the engineering of classical music that has resulted in the highest quality signal chains to ...


This Video offers a nice explanation and some audio tracks at the end where they adjust parameters which the track plays. Its a nice little instructional. I have not found one on filters but there are so many filters out there you may have better luck picking a specific filter or plug in and looking for a video on it.

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