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Recording with an old laptop: how do DAWs use memory vs cores?

That should work, as long as you ensure that the PC is not running all sorts of irrelevant software and processes, and you make sure there is enough virtual memory allocated (about 3 Gb - it is ...
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Recording quality has significant noise

There are a dozen different things that could be called "noise". Unless we can identify exactly what kind of "noise" you are talking about, we probably can't help you much. Take 30 seconds of ...
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Multi-line output from laptop to several speakers

That is pretty simple. You need an audio interface that has eight separate channels of output. Make sure it is not a 2 or 4 channel interface with multiple outputs for the same 2 or 4 channels (...
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Laptop won't detect condenser microphone

Not only are you using the input of the mixer, you are most probably plugging the cable into another output. Laptops generally don't have an input jack socket - the jack socket in most cases is a ...
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Why didn't I get any signal with this setup?

The youth center that I volunteer at has the USB version of that board, which I opened up and modified to put the USB input on a channel strip instead of the tape input. Makes the laptop much more ...
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Recording with an old laptop: how do DAWs use memory vs cores?

If you can use your old laptop as a recording device or if you can use it as a DAW with current up to date software are really two different questions. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to use it as a ...
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