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Lapel Mics - Avoiding Spill from Multiple Speakers

The main issue when speaker B spills on speaker A microphone (be it a lapel or not) is the relative level between A and B on A's mic. By reducing the sensitivity of the transmitter, you are not ...
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Can a lapel / lavalier mic be attached to a boom or mic stand?

A 'wireless' lav mic is wired to its transmitter, so you'd still have a couple of metres of cable to deal with - otherwise, sure, you can tape a lav mic to a stand, or buy a specific gooseneck. I ...
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Can a lapel / lavalier mic be attached to a boom or mic stand?

Why do you want to create a problem? Get a wireless podium mic instead. Examples at the low cost end includes "Shure BLX24/PG58" (included as search example, not as specific equipment advice)...
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Suitable lapel/neckband microphone for dual mic presentation

It depends how close you are to each other but yes the closer the microphone is to the source the lower the gain has to be to pick up the sound.
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how to remove Cloth Rustling?

If you record dialog in the field, the audio you record should be clean, and flawless, and the dialog crisp and intelligible, under all possible conditions, including the vacuum of space. No, it isn't ...
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