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Opening Kontakt with a preloaded library

Just double-click on the nki file will launch Kontakt (standalone) and load the instrument file. If you want to ease the insertion of a track with a preloaded Kontakt, some software like Reaper have ...
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How to Reduce Latency with ASIO driver?

Hello joshuaronis and welcome to Sound Design SE. Your problem is related to the drivers of your sound card as well as to the capabilities your computer has. Reading the thread from the link you ...
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Notes not played by Kontakt virtual instrument

Solved: I needed to change midi channel from the midi notes in midi clips. I'm not sure why were they played by certain instruments.
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Low sound quality with Kontakt 5

Best guess - 2.5GB RAM... which is barely enough to run the OS these days, let alone a DAW with a massive sample playback engine on top. When manufacturers say 'minimum spec', that's really what ...
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