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There are hundreds of fields related to sound. I'll try to give a broad overview by breaking it down into the following categories: media production, event production, broadcast, design and engineering, and scholarship. There are some medical applications of sound that could be considered separate from those categories but normally one would approach those ...


My favorite moment was also my most terrifying. I was working on a little film called "Gladiator". We were mixing the big battle in Reel 1. Not only had I cut it I was also the stage editor. It was playback time and joining Sir Ridley Scott for the viewing was Steven Spielberg ... f*ck. Nervous? Oh yeah. This was my first Ridley Scott film and I was still ...


Your points are valid, but in general I think that anyone, who chooses to be a sound designer or an artist or in some other profession that has or may have some practical issues either with the general public/society or what doing the art/job requires, is aware of the issues, but they're not really issues, it's a price to pay or the issues are issues that ...


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