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How do I have a guest both record and call on a phone at the same time?

I'd look for a method to get the 'phone' call right in the computer, then it becomes a simple internal routing task - Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. All free, non require a VOIP setup or hardware routing....
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Iphone listen through headphones while recording through its microphone?

Headphones and garage band are all you need to do that on an iPhone.
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How to export individual channels from Propellerhead Figure to DAW?

I'm fairly certain I know what the problem was now. Figure will always export the current file, in whatever state it was last saved in. This means if you mute 2 of the 3 tracks and export, you will ...
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Recording stereo audio on an iPhone using an adapter

NO. The TRRS connector on an iPhone (or any other brand of phone, for that matter) supports only MONO microphones. If you want to record stereo (or more channels) then you must use an external sound ...
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