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How to quickly find a pattern's effects in FL Studio

There does not seem to be a shortcut to jump from a pattern on the playlist to its corresponding mixer channel. I assume this is because it is possible to combine multiple channel rack instruments ...
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Fixing recording issues with Scarlett 2i2 / Procaster

(In my experience) Scarlett products can have some issues automatically switching sample rates, so either Audacity was recording a 48kHz signal at 96kHz or the Scarlett was playing back a 96kHz signal ...
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Best way to set up my DIY studio/recording/interfaces?

I was first going to write a long answer with all permutations on how you could hook everything up, in multiple configurations. However, this would be a very long answer, and would probably complex ...
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Connecting Microphone (Shure sm58) to Avid Mbox

Did you check the manual, see snippet below. A SM58 is a dynamic microphone and needs to be connected at microphone level. You will need a XLR-XLR cable. Mic/Line Inputs Each analog source input ...
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Do USB Audio Interface XLR Inputs show up as separate devices on Windows over the USB connection?

It depends on the driver. I used to have a Behringer UMC404HD and that showed up as 2 devices, it had 2 channels combined into each device (channel 1+2 and channel 3+4). My TASCAM interface for ...
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How can I combine two sources of audio into one set of headphones?

This isn't a task I normally do using System tools, but I think you ought to be able to do it by creating a Multi-Output Device in Audio Midi Setup [Apps/Utilities]. Click the + button then check ...
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Presonus Firepod sync problem with Mac Yosemite+

I have successfully used the original Firepod (one before FP10) on El capitan. Do not use the Presonus drivers. They are not necessary. Just plug and play. Presonus drivers will likely cause a ...
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Will the Rode NT1-A work well with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2?

What you need is any interface with an XLR input that provides phantom power. Either that or buy a preamp that provides it. So that's all you need with your interface: XLR in (also called Canon) ...
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Connecting Instruments to an Audio Interface

Your question is a bit confusing, but I will answer by showing you an example. Your Instruments: CP300 Piano - Line Outs = 2 x XLR / 2 x 1⁄4 inch(Phone) Jack Silent Violin - Line Out = 1 x mono 1/4 ...
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How many MIDI in/out daisy-chaining I can use?

Every USB-MIDI connection adds at least one or two milliseconds of latency. A single USB connection typcially is not noticeable. Every DIN-MIDI connection also adds latency; at 31250 baud, a three-...
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