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What is the actual waveform of step signals recorded onto a vinyl?

From my experience as a vinyl cutting engineer, the phase response makes it look more triangular in shape, but it sounds very similar.
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Is it possible to create an IR (Impulse Response) file for use as a Low Pass Filter?

There are typically 2 types of digital filters: Finite Impulse Response filter, where you give the filter a WAV file (the room response of a bang if you want to emulate the room reverberation), and ...
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Which software can simulate room reverb and response?

i-Simpa, An Open Source software for 3D sound propagation modelling http://i-simpa.ifsttar.fr/ seems to support arbitrary geometry (as your U-shaped room) and comprehensive materials : Material ...
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cancel out audio in a recording with convolution, phase inversion

...can I cancel out the sound produced by the speaker in the recording? Theoretically, yes. In practice, mostly if you do a really good job, barely if you do a poor job. You have the right idea with ...
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