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Mini-Jack headphone extension without cutting sound

The sound switches off when you insert a plug into the headphones socket, due to switches built into the socket. This is what that looks like: The plug pushes those contacts apart. The only way to ...
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How to add a 4 headphone amplifier to an audio interface (High imp headphones)

The input on the HP4 appears to be a line input, so monitor output would be preferable unless you specifically need something that only the headphone output can do.
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Can the Yamaha RX-V673 output to headphones and speakers at the same time?

Found the answer to my question. The manual says "Connecting a set of headphones automatically mutes the receiver's speaker outputs." I guess that I will need two amps and have the ...
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How to know if studio monitors are loud enough?

First, JBL104 use 4.5" woofers. The amount of air they can move is rather limited. Their reproduction starts at 60Hz which is way above the fundamental of most bass instruments. There is no ...
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