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How to avoid killing headroom when mixing action scenes?

It's not so much that you compress to limit the headroom [although TV & Home Theatre releases can often be compressed because the full dynamic range of a theatre movie tends to annoy the ...
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Advice on gunshot sfx arrangement

That reminds me of the Lord Of The Rings documentary bonus material (almost as good as the movie itself!), in which a sound engineer described the battle with the Oliphants. They first included each ...
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Advice on gunshot sfx arrangement

Approach the scene how you would see it. It's likely that all of the guns weren't fired in the same millisecond, plus some guns are louder than others or have different firing patterns that would ...
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How do you create the deadliest sounding gunshots?

A deadly gun sound must bring be balanced between the bass, the mid, and the treble. The mid is the most important one. Structure of a deadly gunshot: Punch - Lower and longer punch - body of the ...
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