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Well, you can get the Boom Library's Designed Guns for $128, which is very reasonable. If you're looking to spend less than that, I'm afraid you may be sacrificing quality for expense. Try, try recording your own gunshots, or try purchasing single gunshot sound effects from any of the various online libraries that offer single sound effect ...


I tend to do a lot of gun sound design, here are some of my favorite gun reference films: Saving Private Ryan - Amaznigly detailed and stylized shots, bullet bys, and impacts Miami Vice (2006) - The guns just sound dirty to me, everything feels real, the shootout at the end is great, I epecially like how every gun has it's own sonic space True Lies - ...


What kind of fire arms are you looking for? Present day, historical, futuristic? For present day, a big film I go to is HEAT. The gun fight in that movie is one of the best I have seen/heard. A go to for sound design ideas. For over the top fun, "The Expendables has some really good bits too. For a historical movies, "Saving Private Ryan" and "A Band of ...


Did you try ? Maybe you could find something useful there. Just check under what license people distribute their sounds.

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