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Is it bad to plug in a mic when phantom power is on?

Although I've never experienced a problem, I always try to remember to apply power after connecting the mic, and remove power before disconnecting. This text is from the product manual for the Rode ...
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Who makes the quietest microphone?! The Lewitt LCT540 has the quietest specs I've seen available in a commercial mic.
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On a small mixer (Behringer 802) do I have options for crowded cable management?

Your best bet is to custom build a cable solution. This is what I have done with every single mixer I have installed for my own use. This is really the only way to achieve the desired solution. Don't ...
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Avantone CK-1 Mic noise problem

One of the more common causes of this kind of problem is contamination from dirt or debris at the point where the exchangeable capsules and the mic body connect. One should be sure that the entire ...
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Who makes the quietest microphone?!

The AKG C414 XLS features 6 dB of self noise and reaches 20 KHz with a 0.2 dB attenuation when the rode is already at minus 4 dB. Source :
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