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Mysterious old MIDI piano won't talk to GarageBand

It was the OTraki adaptor, or the combination of that and the keyboard. Replacing with 5 pin MIDI cables into my audio interface fixed it.
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How to get C-Knobs on M-Audio Oxygen 25 to work with GarageBand

I did some research, and came to the conclusion that you can't assign the control knobs to any of the native parameters in GB(it doesn't allow MIDI Mapping). Your only option if your daughter really ...
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How can I convert large audio file .aiff to mp3?

you could definitely use ffmpeg for this kind of job. $ ffmpeg -i path/to/your_input.aiff path/to/the_converted_file.mp3 ffmpeg is a huge framework dedicated to multimedia encoding. Once installed ...
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How to convert a stereo MP3 to mono MP3

On Linux systems like Ubuntu, you can use ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -c:a libmp3lame -q:a 2 -ac 1 output.mp3 where: -c:a libmp3lame: The audio codec to use -q:a 2: The audio quality (bitrate), see ...
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Why does garageband does not detect the instrument plugin I installed?

Garageband supports Audio Units (AU). If the plugin only supports VST format, it won’t appear.
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How to fix audio files that cause the speaker/headphones to crack?

To my observation this can be due to overloading the output, which certainly depends on the program you are using. If you recall the theorem of adding two sine waves you‘ll recall: for two low ...
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Shared file format for DAW

There are no standard DAW file format. The best you can do is exporting/importing WAV files. You may try Reaper, it works on Mac and PC and is not too expensive.
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Can I use phantom power on an iPad?

Since most laptops have only one input (usually for microphones, not line-in) nowadays, it would be safer to have an 2 channel usb or firewire interface. It should have phantom powered inputs anyways ...
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