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After much research, I opted to put a passive attenuator (Little Labs redcloud) in between my preamp and interface. This allows me to run the preamps hot to get additional saturation without clipping at the ADC. The LL redcloud let’s me drop the output level of the preamp without coloring the signal at all. All of your input has been much appreciated!


Given that you are using the 1073 mic pre-amps (the best pre-amp in the world, and you aren't even using a clone, the actual Neve version) if your pre-amp tells you, you are clipping, I would listen to it. Especially a 1073, which is the best pre-amp in the world, everyone from Kanye West to Alanis Morrissette used a 1073 to record. And when you say your ...


This is really a fundamental question around recording technique for bands, of which there are a number of schools of thought that are equally applicable. Personally, I come from a classical music background where no audio processing is applied to the signal at all before conversion, however band recording is often different and the usually accepted ...

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