This is an interesting and evolving area, but in my experience the verdict usually fall towards the freelancer having legal right to use their own sound effects library as a work-for-hire. As a freelancer, if you purchase the royalty-free right to a sound effects library and are hired by a company that does not have their own library, you can use your own ...


You can start by getting a network identity. Stuff like a cool name/brand, logo, professional website can only help. Once that's done you can start researching your market and emailing possible clients. It's a lot of work and for a few months (or years?) won't pay off, but if you keep at it it will eventually start working for you. Good luck!


Yes, many of us have. Unfortunately, you don't really decide to go freelance. It happens when you build up a client list (most of the time). Welcome to the great catch 22 of audio production. :-)


I personally have no idea what UK rates are. Having said that - Sometimes studios have rates that they will generally pay freelancers or a series of rates based on budget, experience and what your tasks are. Flying there - Are they paying for room and board or are you flying in on your own because you need the project? Do you know what a standard staff ...

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