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What is the best WAV encoding and why?

I assume that you export sound in order to import it somewhere else. This process has a lot of details and used to be done in the step called "mastering" in the old recording days. I'm no ...
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I can choose one of these formats: OPUS 152 kbit/s vs AAC 128 kbit/s vs M4A 128 kbit/s. Which one is better?

This chart shows that above 128 kb/s opus, aac and mp3 are very close in terms of quality. So, as @Tetsujin mentions, the best one would be the one that is closest ...
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Audio format that keeps separate tracks

You can export a multi-tracks audacity project as a multichannel wav file. For this, you need to activate the use advanced mixing options in the Import/Export preference pane. You will then be offered ...
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What other programs can open Adobe Audtition .sesx files?

Answering my own question at the same time as asking. So far I have found one editor program that apparently can open Adobe Audition .sesx files: It's a feature among one of the editions of Hindenburg ...
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Which audio file format gives smallest size for silent tracks?

Just an idea (which needs further research): do you actually need the silence to be a file or could you just play dynamically created data? If the latter is the case, you could probably find a ...
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Each instrument in its own track - format and online resources?

If you're just taking existing songs (mp3's for example) you could sort of have each "section" of the orchestra segregated by their main frequency bands and just increase/decrease those frequencies. ...
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