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What is the best WAV encoding and why?

I assume that you export sound in order to import it somewhere else. This process has a lot of details and used to be done in the step called "mastering" in the old recording days. I'm no ...
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I can choose one of these formats: OPUS 152 kbit/s vs AAC 128 kbit/s vs M4A 128 kbit/s. Which one is better?

This chart shows that above 128 kb/s opus, aac and mp3 are very close in terms of quality. So, as @Tetsujin mentions, the best one would be the one that is closest ...
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Audio format that keeps separate tracks

You can export a multi-tracks audacity project as a multichannel wav file. For this, you need to activate the use advanced mixing options in the Import/Export preference pane. You will then be offered ...
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What other programs can open Adobe Audtition .sesx files?

Answering my own question at the same time as asking. So far I have found one editor program that apparently can open Adobe Audition .sesx files: It's a feature among one of the editions of Hindenburg ...
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