What I'm wondering is: how many variations of each should I have? 3-8 variations (or as a rule of thumb, 5 variations) depending on the speed of movement (at faster speeds you tend to pick up repetition more easily). The pitch variation (and volume) that you can enable in game engines or audio middleware tools often does the rest. do I need to have ...


I'd tend to think more about the characters than what they are literally wearing. Is one dude goofy and heavy-footed? Is one more nimble? Does Jimmy only have one leg? etc


If you struggle to find a suitable library, you can create your own; if you can, try to record the footsteps of a person walking on the film location. Be aware though: it requires some gear (at worst a half-decent smartphone, at best a solid mic and a decent preamp and recorder), a decent sound technician and a decent sound engineer. I won't go into details ...


I have quite a large collection of different metal sheets of different thickness and size. I found that a lot of the time it is also what footwear is being worn will determine texture. Maybe experiment with hard soled shoes verses soft soled. Also, I sometimes place another piece of metal against the surface I am walking on to get an interesting resonance ...


'KFootsteps' = Free Kontakt footsteps instrument. Click on 'Libraries' and then on download. 'Edward' = 59$ Kontakt Footsteps-instrument. And Google 'AudioSteps Pro' from 'Audiogaming' (Sorry I only get to share 2 links because I'm new on this site)

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