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It depends on what you want to do. With just FMOD Studio, you can build complex events with parameter-driven effects, detailed internal signal routing, randomised elements, and internal trigger logic of a variety of different flavours. You can also mix your project, devise snapshots and sidechains to alter how it behaves under particular circumstances, and ...


It very much depends on your point of view when developing the audio for a AAA game. From a programmers point of view then yes the additional middle-ware could very well be rendered obsolete in terms of simply implementing sounds into the game or scripting things. However when mixing and implementing audio it is of great benefit to minimize the amount of ...


FMod runs in Unity with a simple to implement Bridge. Then there are basic C# Scripts that you can use to replace the audio in any of the free to download Unity Tutorials. Good luck.


The problem with the framework is that it's partially abandoned at this time. Adobe moved a lot of the original team members on other ventures and the product changed to Animate CC, in order to help the transitions from old technologies to new ones (javascript, css, html5). I also remember from my early years with the framework up until now, they never got ...

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