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Yes. Without decompression a flac file contains just pseudo-random data. A media player requires an ordered stream of PCM stereo audio samples in order for them to be converted to analogue audio via a DAC chip. Therefore, we implement 'codecs' (Code-Decode) to handle the decoding of the flac data to the ordered stream of PCM samples we require to be fed to ...

1 has the specs of the supported file formats. Wavpack supports both lossless and lossy compression depending on the configuration options selected during processing.


I'm struggling with this issue now, as well. The one downside to Flac, that I can see, is that it doesn't support media cues. One benefit to recording in Wav is that I can record a lot of audio at one time -- say, an hour -- and then Go back and mark where different things happen in the recording. There are DJ programs that will add 'hotcues' to sections ...

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