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Is there any way to fix this?

Sorry, but I don't see it as being fixable - you literally have nothing in the gaps to boost even in the otherwise loudest portions, only this odd little 'bounce' which happens every time. I'm no ...
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Is It Possible To Reconstruct Missing RIFF headers with Notepad++?

As it seems you know all the parameters which are necessary to read the raw audio data, my suggestion would be : Open a copy (to prevent any involuntary destruction of the original file) of the ...
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Is it possible to fix such level of corruption in a buggy audio recording (sound distorded-choppy-Laggy)

No, I don't think you can fix that unless you have a fully equipped studio for forensic analysis, very good ears and a LOT of time. What you're hearing has a number of problems. The greatest is that ...
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Need Help Playing Voice Memo

If your recording is on a dedicated portable voice recorder and it does not play back, then that may be a problem with the recording, such as a corrupted SD card. If this recording is on a mobile ...
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Cleaning/Fixing corrupted audio

No. There is no way to fix this. This is borked beyond repair. Sorry that won't be much help, but that's really the honest answer.
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