This is a very old thread, but I just saw it. I am the technical manager of London Short Film Festival, and the author of the "how to make a DCP" guide the OP referred to. First off, I'm really sorry to hear that the film did not screen as intended. And why indeed did the DCP-making guide I wrote suggest adjusting peak audio levels to -10dB in DCP-o-matic?...


Is this requirement as ridiculous as it seems to be to me? Yes. No serious theater mix delivery specifications includes such limit. Nearly all theater mix will have sample peaks above -10 dB FS. Secondly, is this kind of level change actually normal in DCP creation? No. The mix should be delivered in conformance with whatever specifications apply. The ...


I know the site on russian with catalogue of international film festivals - http://festagent.com. It's pretty simple, just use Google Translator if needed. Or ask me if there's still some misunderstanding occur. I think you should check one by one to view the award list. Hope it will help! Good Luck!

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