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How to recover audio from an incomplete or corrupted AAC/m4a file

This guide worked 100% for me - it takes you through each step. Afterwards, the m4a file plays! Note: this is completely free. Also pasting ...
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How can I read a Garage Band file on a USB stick with my PC?

The right way to do this is open the project in GarageBand and export each track as its own audio file. Then you can import the audio files into a PC-based multichannel audio editor and continue ...
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What other programs can open Adobe Audtition .sesx files?

Answering my own question at the same time as asking. So far I have found one editor program that apparently can open Adobe Audition .sesx files: It's a feature among one of the editions of Hindenburg ...
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Any way to find out the sample rate, etc. of a .VOX file?

From this wikipedia article: Unlike a WAV file, a VOX file does not contain a header to specify the encoding format or the sampling rate, so this information must be known in order to play the ...
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mp4 file has no sound

I've had this happen before, howevr it was while recording the screen of my computer. Not certain if you've done the same or used a camera IRL. However easiest way to see if there's audio in a file is ...
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mp4 file has no sound

Try opening the file with some advanced video players just to find out if the audio is gone or there's a codec error. Two video players that I use when having this sort of problems is Quick Time and ...
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